Red Rabbit

                 Rock And Roll Without Apology




The lads and lassies of Red Rabbit "moved on" in August of 2022.  As the saying goes - all good things must come to an end.  And so it is with Red Rabbit.  But as Bogey would say...

"We will always have Paris!!"

Music  Links

      The Gospel According To Rabbit (2022) (free download)

        Pushing Off the Bottom (2017)

        Excessive Sobriety (2016)

        Ignorance In Action (2013)

        Live In Ireland

        Pentagrammaton (free EP!)



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Sound Track for this Pictorial Montage By The Last Red Rabbit Lineup (Jeff, Randy, Steve, Susan, Frank and Paige)!!






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Try the Red Rabbit album


The Gospel According To Rabbit (2022)





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