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Ignorance In Action (2013)

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The subtitle of Red Rabbit’s Ignorance in Action is “Songs about God, Love, and Self-Mutilation” and that pretty much sums it up.   All fourteen tracks are written by guitarist/vocalist J.A. Purvis and span an emotional landscape that runs from heartrending confession (I Won’t Say A Thing, Foolish Pride) to giddy lovesick devotion (Meditation #17, I Am The One) to a kind of semi-psychotic venomous outrage (Bandsaw/Really This Time), delivered ultimately to searing one-on-ones with Ultimate Reality (Salto Morale/The Words Come Slowly).   In addition to the rock-solid rhythmic substructure fabricated by bass player Steve Raymond and drummer Randy Bryant, the music is lushly layered with classic Americana- acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, fiddles.  (There’s even a Jew’s harp twanging in the background of the frenetic mayhem of A Little More Time.)  Add to that the jingle-jangle of Purvis’ Rickenbacker 12-string and you arrive at a sound defined by decades of steeping in classic rock, blues, folk, and country.

        Sample the songs from Ignorance In Action

       01 Business Unfinished   08 A Little More Time
       02 Pole Dancer   09 Salto Morale
       03 I State Of Crazy   10 I Am The One
       04 Bandsaw   11 Foolish Pride
       05 I Won't Say A Thing   12 This Old Refrain
       06 It's Not So Hard   13 Really (This Time)
       07 Meditation #17   14 The Words Come Slowly

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               Ignorance in Action - Red Rabbit
Red Rabbit: Ignorance in Action

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